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Ven. Anuradhapura Ariyajeewa Thero

The most venerable Royal Pandith Anuradhapura Ariyajeewa Thero is the Founder of Ehipassiko International Meditation Center which was started more than ten years ago in the name of "Ariya Chitta Viveka Senasuna".

He was high ordained at Asgiriya Maha Viharaya under the preceptorship of the Most Venerable Anamaduwe Sri Dhammadassi Maha Thero who was the Anu Nayaka of Siyam Nikāya, Asgiri Chapter.

After the traditional monastic education, he was successfully completed the Rajakeeya Panditha examination and become a scholarly monk.

With his language skills on Sinhala, Pali and Sanskrit, it gave him the confidence to a fine exponent in the Dhamma delivering sermons in a lucid style.

Having acquired a profound knowledge of the Dhamma by studying the Pāli Canon for years, the Venerable Thero collected myriad experiences in his life while living in the forests of Sri Pada, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka for nearly 5 years.

The meditation experiences gained through the forest living, he become the meditation master for teach meditation techniques in which it's guided to the enlightenment.

All his efforts is to deliver the pure and undefined noble teachings of the Buddha and to show that emancipation is practically attainable.

Minister’s Assistants

Ven.Homagama Rewatha Thero

Assistant - Meditation Instructor and Spiritual Advisor

Ven.Pussalle Ariyadamma Thero

Assistant - Meditation Instructor and Spiritual Advisor
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