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The Bodhi-Puja  The veneration of the Bodhi-tree (pipal tree: ficus religiosa) has been a popular and a widespread ritual in Sri Lanka from the time a sapling of the original Bodhi-tree at Buddhagaya (under which the Buddha…

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Making of Cheewara

Chevarara, which is created in parallel to the Katina Ceremony, is made in the form of ancient Theravada practice by Buddhist monks in ancient times. Natural herbs such as plants leaves, roots, nuts and flowers…

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Katina Pinkam

The procession is part of the katina cheevara (robe) offering, a highlight of the Katina Pinkama, a day of religious activities marking the end of the Vas Retreat, when Buddhist monks across Sri Lanka emerge…

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Making of Pathra

Every day Buddhist Monks, young and old make their early morning alms collection called Pindapathaya , mostly of prepared food that they eat when they return to the temple. People look out for the monks…

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